How to avoid masturbation

Masturbation is a process in our lives, some people overdo it and they have to face the consequences. Some men and women want to leave it but cannot leave. so How to stop masturbation?

How to avoid masturbation

Stop watching porn videos

Men or women who read or watch more pornographic videos or pornography have more desire to masturbate. First of all, stop watching porn videos, which will gradually reduce the habit of masturbation.

Exercise Daily

exercise daily

You can exercise or walk daily, by doing this wrong thoughts will not come into your mind, and when the thoughts are right you will not feel like masturbating yourself.

Keep yourself Busy

If you keep yourself busy with other things then wrong thoughts will not come in your mind and you will not feel like masturbating. The problem of masturbation can also be avoided by keeping oneself busy.

Eat healthy food

healthy food

You can take healthy food to control masturbation. Eating well will improve your health, which will help you masturbate less.

Read good literature

You can read good literature to avoid this problem. Like biography of any legend or newspaper etc. or you can play any mental game so that your mind goes to another place. Your mind will not go towards masturbation.

Strengthen Willpower

The strongest thing in a man is his willpower. Therefore, strengthen your willpower, only by this you can leave the addiction to masturbation. You cannot leave the habit of masturbation until you strengthen yourself.

Stop reading sex stories

These days men or young people take great pleasure in reading sex stories. When he reads sex stories, he gets very excited and cannot stop himself from masturbating. This is also a great reason why you should stop reading sex stories to stop masturbating.

Don’t think too much about girls or women

If you want to quit your masturbation addiction then don’t think too much about girls and women. Thinking too much about these things leads to wrong thoughts in your mind. Anyone will feel like masturbating after having wrong thoughts. That’s why don’t think too much and bring good thoughts into your mind.


You can observe a fast one day in a week, by doing this there will be an inner strength in you, and at the same time, your mind will also go towards devotion, which will stop the thoughts of masturbation in your mind and you will gradually stop masturbating.

You can consult a sexologist

aman ayurvedic clinic
Aman Ayurvedic clinic

If you are unable to give up the habit of masturbation, then you can take the advice of an expert sexologist. The expert will understand your problem and give you the right advice, which will help you to quit the habit of masturbation.

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