Time On Herbal Capsule



  • The package contains: TIME ON 10 Capsule in one stripe.
  • On Nightfall, take one capsule after one and half hour of breakfast with water and it prevents nightfall from the very first day.
  • To increase partner satisfaction during intercoursetake on capsule in the morning and evening for 40 days and feel the impact of the third day.
  • To increase over timea capsule can be taken in the afternoon. If a woman does not have a desire / mind to sex then take a capsule after having dinner.
  • Time On capsule enhance sex desire and also does away irritation. At the early ageschildren who fall in wrong habits of masturbation, time on capsule works largely of refrain the habit of masturbation.
Consumption Method: In nightfall, one capsule after morning breakfast, one capsule in the morning and evening to increase sexual satisfaction and time, if the woman does not feel towards sexual intercourse, then take one capsule after dinner. For more information, consult the doctor and contact our contact no. 8607500007


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