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About Male Infertility

Newly married couples these days think a lot about sperm count and the new member of the family. One of the recent studies has revealed that men these days phase the problem of low sperm count as a result of bad lifestyle habits and other sexual problems. But do you know what sperm count is and how to boost male fertility?

Boost Male fertility

Sperm is one of the very important factors that affect male fertility. Sperm count is simply the average number of sperm present in a single sample of semen. It is usually analyzed by a certified doctor and further tells you about how to boost male fertility options.

Doctors have revealed that low sperm count occurs due to several reasons. It can be due to fluctuating testosterone levels, genetics, tumours, heredity, smoking, drinking and other bad lifestyle habits. Such situations can lead to loss of sperm count which contributes to male infertility issues.

Boosting Male fertility is a serious problem that 50 out of 100 men suffer these days. While being one of the worst problems couples could experience, male infertility can lead to loss of pregnancy and many more sexual issues. Today this post will cover what is male infertility, the symptoms of male infertility and the natural ways to treat the problem of low sperm count. We will tell you how natural treatments can help you increase your sperm count by 2 to 5 times in just a few weeks. All you need to do is stay consistent with the best herbal sex medicines for men and alter your lifestyle habits to see noticeable results in a short span of time. Now without wasting any further time let’s talk about how to boost male fertility and the prominent symptoms.

What Is Male Infertility?

Men usually ejaculate semen which contains tiny sperms that are responsible for the new family member. During sexual intercourse, this sperm stored in a man’s body is transferred into a woman’s genitals which leads to pregnancy in case of unprotected sex. Did you know that men create, store and transfer sperm from their genitals to a women’s body during the process of sexual intercourse? Sperms and testosterone are made in two different testicles of a man’s genitals. Sperm is then transferred to different sets of tubes at different stages and then is finally released with semen while ejaculation.

the matter seems slove if a man’s body makes enough sperm and delivers it safely to a women’s vagina. Sperms usually travel from the vagina to the cervix and then fallopian tubes. If by chance sperms meet the egg of a woman it leads to fertilization which makes a woman pregnant. However, if a male body does not produce enough sperm and the same does not get transferred to a women’s body then, there are chances that you have male infertility problems

Causes Of Male Infertility

There are a number of reasons why sperm does not reach its final destination. Let’s have a look at some reasons for low sperm count or inactive sperm.

  • Infections

Infection is one of the main reasons for low sperm count. Some infections in the private parts can affect the mortality of sperms which in turn blocks its passage.

  • Ejaculation Issues

Due to some ejaculation issues like retrograde ejaculation or early ejaculation, the sperm may be low in number. Sometimes sperm reaches the bladder during the orgasm instead of bursting from the tip of the penis. This in addition to lack of ejaculation and early ejaculation may lead to low sperm count.

  • Tumours

Tumours and cancer may affect the male genitals adversely leading to zero or low sperm count. Treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to get rid of tumours may affect male infertility.

  • Heat In The Testicles

Many people do not know about the prominent causes of low sperm count. Overheating of testicles may lead to less production of sperm which in turn affects male infertility. Some activities like sitting in the same posture for a long time, wearing tight fit clothes, keeping your genitals bound and many such things raise the temperament in your scrotum. This instantly leads to a reduction in the number of sperms.

  • Regular drinking

Studies have revealed that people who drink alcohol on a regular basis have low testosterone levels. The consumption of alcohol leads to less sperm production.

  • People who are in contact with prolonged physical and emotional stress unintentionally affect their fertility.
  • Men who are obese face the problem of low sperm count on a frequent basis.

Symptoms Of Male Infertility

The primary and probably the best way to recognise male infertility is the inability to give birth to a child. There are so many factors that affect male infertility but the symptoms are quite evident and noticeable. If you have a low sperm count then you probably face a lack of sexual stamina no sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Some people also face swelling, pain or a huge lump in their testicle area.

Why Is Aman Health Care The Best In The Treatment Of Male Infertility?

Do you know Aman Health care is the best place for the treatment of male infertility? At Aman Healthcare, we provide the best herbal sex medicines for men who suffer from various sexual problems. We are dedicated to serving you with the most authentic and pure herbal treatments to get rid of sexual problems in a short span of time. In the era of the modern generation where people are addicted to chemical treatments and toxic medicines, you should choose herbal treatments to be on the safe side.

Herbal sex medicines for men are one of the best ways to treat sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, lack of stamina, micropenis and many more. Chemical treatments for male infertility may affect your genitals and further lead to swelling pain and constant disturbance. However, the herbal sex medicines at Aman Health Care boost male fertility in just a few weeks. The best herbal sex medicines for men have packed with natural herbs and ayurvedic ingredients that are very beneficial for your sexual health. Some herbs like ashwagandha, red ginseng, Bhringraj, cinnamon and more can help to tackle and eliminate male infertility from its roots. All you need to do is to stay consistent with the intake of medicines and follow up with some lifestyle changes.

Best Herbal Sex Medicine In India To Increase Sperm Count

Let’s talk about one of the best and top-rated sex medicine in India to increase sperm count. ShukRocket is an ayurvedic medicine. And it makes with 100% natural ingredients like herbs. The herbal sex medicine for men is formulated by adopting effective Ayurveda practices and pure herbal ingredients. It keeps male infertility at bay and promises to solve the problem of low sperm count.

Shuckrocket - Boost male fertility

Did you know that other than sperm count the mortality and quality of the sperm also matters during sexual intercourse to conceive a baby? Keeping all these factors in mind Aman healthcare has come up with the ShukRocket herbal Sex Capsule for men. This herbal sex capsule is a permanent estrogen blocker. ShukRocket increases the production of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and follicle stimulation hormone (FSH). People say that a sudden increase in the production of these hormones increases the sperm count by two times. And also increases its mortality and morphology.

Loaded with ayurvedic herbs Shukrocket capsule is a great one for men who suffer from the problem of low sperm count. It not only maintains and increases your sperm count but also does not cause any side effects on your genitals. It is the best herbal sexual medicine in India to boost male fertility. If you are still wondering how, to begin with, Shukrocket and more information about the product then you can contact us on the WhatsApp number or visit our website

Benefits Of Herbs In Our Life

No wonder herbs are a very important part of your life. Not only do they have fruitful health benefits but, also improve your sexual health mental health and emotional health as well. Herbs are firsthand extractions from nature and therefore are pure and organic. You can include herbs in your routine in several ways so that it benefits your health. Herbal sex medicine for men in India contains powerful herbs that improve your health and builds stamina. So, do not wait for a long time. Grab the deal on the best herbal medicines website in India from Aman Health Care.