LikoGood – Herbal Medicine For Women’s Leucorrhea Treatment

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LikoGood is the best herbal medicine in India for women’s leucorrhea treatment online from Aman Health Care. A change in the colour of the white discharge and an increase in the amount of discharge indicates the risk of leukorrhea infection. Our LikoGood not only prevents Leucorrhea infection but also eliminates the problem from the root cause of those suffering from it. Leucorrhea infection can have many causes such as wearing tight underwear, stress, diabetes, and excessive use of antibiotics. LikoGood is made from pure herbs and gives the best result for leucorrhea treatment. It is one of our best herbal and ayurvedic products for women.

Aman Health Care in India is a manufacturer that provides online best herbal medicine for men and women. We also offer doctor consultations. We are available 24hr for our customer’s help. For any query, you can directly call or WhatsApp us.

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Brand:                                        Aman Health Care

Model Name:                           LikoGood 500mg

Ayush License Number:        1277-ISM(HR)

Treatment:                               Leucorrhea

Quantity:                                  10 Capsules

Food Preference:                     NA

Form:                                         Capsule

Pack of:                                     1

Organic Type:                          Ayurvedic


Pistachia vera:                       150mg

Acacia catechu:                     100mg

Saraca indica:                       50mg

Emblica officinalis:              50mg

Withania somnifera:           100mg

Ferrous sulphate:                50mg

Expert Tips 

  • Wear cotton undergarments only
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes,
  • Eat green vegetables and fruits on a daily basis
  • Avoid junk food
  • Do exercise for good health and a fit body

Shipping Method

  • Shipped from within India.
  • Standard Delivery: 3 to 5 days.

Safety Information 

  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Store in a cool dry place

1 review for LikoGood – Herbal Medicine For Women’s Leucorrhea Treatment

  1. Shweta Singh

    hi i am shweta from chandigarh my main problem was white water. i used many product but likogood is very good for my leucorrhoea or white water

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