how to increase sex stamina

How to increase sex stamina?

This food helps to increase sex stamina

1 Sex depends on our food so we should eat daily healthy and organic food in which we find protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. We should use the best sex food like berries, watermelon,  pumpkin seeds, almonds, ginger, garlic, onion, peaches, nuts, fish, green vegetables, chia seeds, avocados, etc. It improves your sex drive for a long time.

best food to improve sex life
the best food for improving sex stamina

Exercise to increase sex stamina

2. A man should exercise in a daily routine. Exercise helps a person improve his fitness and his inner stamina.

regular exercise

Don’t do these things

4. Many foods or items that kill your sex drive like processed food, marijuana, alcohol, soft drinks, and smoking decrease a person’s sex drive.


5 A person should sleep because sleep is good exercise and it improves body muscles and gives a person more energy and stamina.

Spent time with a partner

spent time couple

6 A man should spend the maximum time with his partner when they spend more time close to each other and it works to improve your sex drive.


7 A man should forget all his stress and tension when he has sex with his partner otherwise he will not give his best performance.

Enjoy life

8 When a person is free he should go for a long drive or picnic with his partner from time to time.


forplay couple

9 Before sex a person ought to foreplay with his partner after that he stands for a long time in bed.

How to increase sex stamina for male

10 yoga and meditation are very helpful in improving your sex power and stamina.

Try diffrent -diffrent position

diffrent position

11 A person should try different sex positions because for this kind of act your partner more aggressive and you will enjoy more sexual satisfaction.

12 when you have no interest in sex then you can see a porn movie to create your sex interest

13 A person to improve his sex stamina he can use dark chocolate and improve his sexual stamina.

14 fragrance is very important in our life so using light fragrance improve sex life

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