How get relief from menstruation pain?

If you are a girl, you know literally everything we are going to cover today except for the best part. Menstruation has always been a taboo topic in a country like India. Thanks to the power of social media and technology, we have upgraded towards a better India and accepted menstruation, buying sanitary napkins and talking about these topics publically.

But, what about those new gen Z teenagers who are joust going to be affected by menstruation? Well, fret not as we have got you covered. We have information and solutions for women of all age groups especially those who experience irregular periods. Stay tuned as we reveal some best methods to tackle pain and other things during the period.

About Menstrual Cycle

Menstruation, commonly known as periods in simple terms is the one that arrives every month. In the process, your vagina slides away blood tissue and other waste impurities in your uterus. Periods happen every month and the cycle usually runs for 28-30 days.

The menstrual cycle helps you to get prepared for pregnancy when you get married or otherwise. Estrogen and progesterone are two well-known hormones that control your periods and make them arrive on time. Periods usually start at some time during teenage or puberty. Most girls these days get their periods at the age of 12 to 14. While you may not know when your periods are actually coming, there are some PMS symptoms that help you analyze the arrival of periods.

Reasons Why You Experience Pain During Menstrual

Are you one of those young girls who experience every pain during periods? Period pain or menstrual cramps arrives at that time of the month and leads to bloating, frustration, cramps and mood swings. Some of the symptoms of pain during periods are –

  • Cramps
  • Constant pain in the lower belly and thighs
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea and many more.

Period pain starts before and during the periods. It is usually caused by natural chemical and hormone changes in your body. Some girls experience period pain due to an imbalance or disorder in the reproductive system of a woman.

Variety Of Ways to Get Relief From Menstrual Pain , ahc , aman health care
Reasons Why You Experience Pain During Menstrual

Some women experience intense and heavy bleeding during periods. If you get large blood clots during your periods then this might be one reason for severe period pain.

Some women also face severe period cramps due to the intake of birth control pills. These pills affect your reproductive health and lead to crazy period pain.

In these times, it is important to take care of your reproductive health and nurture your body well. Let’s have a look at some do and don’ts of Menstrual pain.


  • Hydrate yourself as much as possible. Try to include water and other fruit-based drinks in your routine to ease the pain during periods. If you hate drinking plain water all the time then opt for fruit juices or fruit-infused water for better taste.
  • Introduce chamomile tea to your routine. Chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory which makes it apt for relieving cramps and making you stress-free. Chamomile tea eases the blood flow during periods and takes away your pain.
  • Fennel or fennel water is a great addition to your lifestyle to get rid of period pain. Period pain will be hassle and fuss-free once you start having fennel water or fennel tea with jaggery a few days before your periods arrive.
  • Herbal medicines for women are also one of the most effective ways to tackle period pain. Yes, you heard that right. A herbal syrup that is made to relieve period pain is a must-have in your dietary vanity.


  • Avoid bread, sugar, pasta and flour during periods. These white refined food items may not soothe but instead will worsen your period pain.
  • A large number of people are seen sipping on caffeine during their periods. Ditch caffeine for the time being as it may induce pain. Avoid caffeine-based drinks to soothe period pain.
  • Alcohol can degrade your life and menstrual cramps as well. Make sure to ditch alcohol and limit the consumption otherwise.
  • Tobacco and other powder that cause lung infection should be avoided during periods. The harmful ingredients may ruin your reproductive health and can worsen the situation.

Should We Take Any local Medicines For Menstrual Pain?

Do we even need an answer for this? The answer is a big NO. During periods of pain, one should never buy local medicine. While not doing anything good may worsen your situation which may lead to intense bleeding and severe pain. Pills or normal medicines contribute to less period pain at that moment but they have adverse side effects on your body and may also lead to loss of a pregnancy or any other problem.

Local medicines are not the prescribed ones and therefore must be avoided especially during periods and cramps. You can go for home remedies for period pain or try herbal medicine for women. Herbal medicines for women are great to tackle period pain and are way better than local medicines that do not have any mentioned composition. Herbal medicines for women have purely made of herbal and ayurvedic herbs that are beneficial during periods and reduce period cramps to a great extent.

The Best Herbal Syrup For Menstrual Pain – “Menis Care”

Variety Of Ways to Get Relief From Menstrual Pain , aman health care , ahc
Mesis Care Herbal Syrup

We have seen a lot of women who suffer from menstrual pain or period cramps. Period cramps become even worse when you have some other problems as well. But, how can we also forget the holy grail of so many women out there which is Mensis Care?

Mensis care is herbal medicine for women in India which aims to solve the problem of irregular periods. It not only brings back your period on time but also reduces and relieves period pain and utmost painful cramps. Mensis care herbal syrup for women is effective for those who have not menstruated in the last 6 months and are not experiencing pregnancy and menopause for that fact.

The herbal and ayurvedic medicine for women in India is one of the best medicines for periods and menstrual pain. Not only does this medicine gives 100% results but is also 100% herbal and ayurvedic which makes it safe to take. Do you know other medicines have chemical ingredients in them which make them unhealthy and less effective to deal with irregular periods and cramps? But, Mensis care is one in a thousand syrups for women that works effectively for devastating period pain and cramps. Mensis care has made purely out of herbs and other potent ayurvedic ingredients that work on improving your irregular periods and alleviating your painful period cramps.

Why women should follow herbs?

Women tend to get suspicious of many products when it comes to menstrual care. But, little did they know that herbal medicine for women is always a better choice than opting for local medicines. Women should always opt for herb-based medicines and syrup for their treatment.

Herbs in general are extremely beneficial for your health. Not only does it purify your blood internally but also works on external factors like your skin, hair and other things as well. Mensis care is a herb and Ayurveda based syrup for women who are facing the problem of menstruation. The 100% herbal and ayurvedic products for women are free from toxins and chemicals. They aim to solve women’s health-related issues and also work really well for cramps.

The Best Herbal Medicine Manufacturer Of In India Aman Health Care

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It seems like you know the trick to cure women related problems. For obvious reasons, you should buy herbal and ayurvedic medicine for women online in India from Aman Health Care. Our team tries back and forth to create herbal and 100% pure ayurvedic products for menstrual care, liver disorders and hair loss treatment.

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