girls masterbation

Girls masturbation masturbation men?

This is a word about which you must have heard or done this action. It is a normal process that every man or woman must have done at some point or the other. Not only at a young age, many times men masturbate even after growing up. In common or colloquial language, it is called fisting. everyone has heard of it

When a man or a woman sees a scene or reads any obscene literature during their youth, then they excite themselves. On average, males start masturbating between the ages of 11 to 13 while females start enjoying masturbation in the late stages of 14 to 19. This whole process is done secretly, it is done in such a way that this matter never comes in front of anyone.

But now the time has changed, today’s youth get up from everyone and openly discuss masturbation. The advantages and side effects of masturbation are discussed openly. Now the time has changed, earlier people used to be shy while discussing this topic but now it is not like that. With time, the thinking of people has also changed.

If we talk about research, it has been found in studies that 92% of men and 62% of women have masturbated at some time during their lifetime, mostly men in the age group of 16 to 44 years masturbate 95% And the number of women is 71% thus most men and women have masturbated in their lifetime. It has also been found that men masturbate more than women.

How do men masturbate?

Men begin rubbing their penis vigorously by clenching it into a fist or using their fingers or rocking it back and forth. By doing this man gets immense pleasure. Some men also masturbate by applying mustard oil or any lubricant on the penis for more pleasure. He keeps on masturbating until his semen comes out of the penis. By doing this they get a lot of joy.

How do women masturbate?

While masturbating, the woman first starts rubbing or shaking her vagina. She moves her finger on her vagina, sometimes she moves one or two fingers back and forth in her vagina. By doing this they get sexual pleasure. Some women use these to satisfy themselves by using toys like vibrators or dildos available in the market to do so.

how do women masturbate

Some women get satisfied in 2 or 3 minutes while some women take 15 to 20 minutes. Some women reach extreme limits just by having thoughts in their minds. Some women put so much pressure by closing their legs tightly together then they feel sexual pleasure. She does this work by hiding from everyone or in a closed room. She can do this process by lying straight or upside down or sitting on a chair. She does this until she does not get sexual pleasure.

what is masturbation good or bad?

Everyone has different beliefs, some consider masturbation wrong while some people consider it right. Science has also proved that masturbation is not wrong. Masturbation will not cause any harm to your body, but excessive masturbation can cause weakness and many problems in you. This means that excessive masturbation can be injurious to health.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

  1. Masturbation increases blood flow to the genitals.
  2. Masturbation releases endorphins, which make you feel good.
  3. Masturbation relieves stress and anxiety.
  4. Masturbation reduces fatigue.
  5. Masturbation increases sexual desire.
  6. Masturbation increases testosterone levels.
  7. Masturbation increases sperm count.
  8. Cholesterol decreases through masturbation.
  9. Masturbation increases sex drive.
  10. Masturbation increases fertility.

Side-Effect of masturbation

The side effects of masturbation depend on how often you masturbate. What kinds of activities do you do and what kinds of products do you use when you masturbate? If you masturbate frequently, you may experience some of these side effects.

• Headache.

• Nausea.

• muscle aches.

• Feeling tired.

• Lack of sleep.

• Being a victim of depression.

• Having low libido.

• Loss of appetite.

• Loss of weight.

In this way, we can say that masturbation is not such an action that has any side effect on the man. Along with men, women also enjoy masturbation because it is the need of our bodies. By masturbating we reduce stress.
Some men get used to masturbation, due to which they masturbate in excessive amounts and do physical and mental harm to themselves. If you have this problem more then you can contact a good sexologist.

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