Struggling with severe hair loss and other hair issues? Fret not, we have got you covered. Hair loss or baldness happens due to several reasons. From medical issues to various lifestyle concerns, hair loss always takes a toll on men and women. But, here’s a sigh of relief with the best herbal treatment for men and women to stop hair loss. Before jumping on to the conclusion let’s have a look at the reasons for hair fall and how we can grow them again and prevent hair fall

5 Reasons For Hair loss Or Baldness

  • Diet Deficiency 

Diet plays a very important role in one’s life. It not only keeps up with good health but also helps your hair grow stronger and shinier. However, a lack of a nutritious diet can lead to hair loss and bad hair quality. For instance, if your nutrition intake is less or if you are following a crash or any diet of that sort, your hair loss will increase. So, hair requires nutrients like protein and vitamins to grow naturally and healthy. But, when people take it for granted hair loss takes a toll on them. This is one of the prominent reasons for hair loss. 

  • Stress and Tension

Are you noticing hair falling literally everywhere? Do you see hair fall in bed, bathroom, floor and even on your clothes? Well, this is a sign that you are living a stressful life. When tension takes a toll on you, it instantly increases hair fall and leads to baldness as well. Stress is one of the common reasons for hair fall and can worsen your situation. So, avoid taking stress. 

  • Hormonal changes

Hormones change over time and this affects everyone’s body in different ways. A majority of people face hair loss issues when hormones change in their bodies. Women who suffer from PCOS and PCOD face female pattern hair loss at an extreme level. A lot of other hormonal changes due to menopause, birth control, pregnancy and hypothyroidism also lead to sudden hair fall. 

  • Heredity 

One of the most common and well-known reasons for hair loss is genetics or heredity. Yes, you read it right. Genes play a huge role when it comes to health, skin and hair. More than 80% of the population suffers hair loss due to genetics. However, this type of hair loss usually starts in adulthood and grows by age. Men and women usually inherit this type of hair loss from their maternal or paternal families. 

  • Itchy scalp and heat styling

We often notice that women and men style their hair every other day. Heat styling mainly causes hair fall as it damages your hair follicles. Another main reason why; hair fall increases day by day is the itchy and inflamed scalp. Itchy scalp catches a lot of bacteria and irritation. This, in turn, decreases the capability of the hair to grow and leads to steady hair fall.

Above all are the prominent reasons for hair loss. Now we will look at how we can stop hair fall naturally.

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prevent hair fall

Natural Ways To Stop Hair Loss

The crowing glory of men and women may start thinning day by day due to several reasons. We know it’s heartbreaking to see glorious hair leaving your way. But, what if we look at the bright side and search for natural ways to stop hair loss. If you are one of those people, looking for natural remedies and a way to stop hair fall then, stay tuned. 

  • No more heat

Heat can be dangerous for your hair as mentioned above. To protect your hair and to stop hair loss naturally, make sure to stay away from heat styling. 

  • Say NO to chemical treatments

If you think chemical treatments like keratin, straightening and rebonding will help you grow your hair then you are mistaken. These chemical hair treatments increase hair fall and reduce the quality of your hair. So, avoid such treatments. 

  • Include proteins and vitamins

To grow your hair naturally and stop hair loss, it is important to incorporate protein and essential vitamins into your routine. Some food items that you should include are egg, curry leaves, potatoes, berries, fatty fish, lentils and spinach.

  • Use herbal hair care products

Herbal hair care products are worth your money. Include herbal hair oil for men and women in your routine to get the most out of it. It not only helps in reducing hair fall but also enhances hair growth and restricts baldness.

Can we regrow our hair?

How To Stop Hair Loss For Men and Women , aman health care , ahc
increase hair growth

Even though this is a hypothetical question, the answer is still yes. Yes, you can grow your hair again with some amazing recipes and the best herbal hair care products for men and women. The herbal hair oil is one of the promising products for your hair to treat any kind of hair fall, hair loss or baldness. 

How herbs are effective for your hair?

Mother nature has given us the most valuable gift which is herbs. Herbs are extracted fresh and directly from mother earth which makes them pure, unadulterated and beneficial for your hair. Here are some of the benefits of herbs for hair. 

  • Prevents hair fall

Ayurvedic herbs like peppermint and rosemary help to grow hair. It restricts hair loss and enhances hair growth instantly. Ayurvedic herbs for hair growth also prevent scalp infection which in turn reduces hair loss to a great extent.

  • Fights fungal bacteria

Ayurvedic herbs for instance Lavender help in fighting bacterial infection on the scalp. It eradicates fungal infection and stops the growth of bacteria.

  • Enhances blood circulation

Herbs for hair growth are packed with qualities that increase the flow of blood on the scalp. Ginseng herb is known to strengthen the hair. It maintains hair growth, enhances hair quality and reduces hair fall. 

  • Promotes hair growth

There are so many herbs that increase your hair growth over time. But, Brahmi works like a magic to induce hair growth and restrict unmanageable hair fall. It has active proteins that increase hair growth and keeps hair fall at bay.

Best Herbal Hair Oil For Long Silky Smooth Black Hair

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3s herbal hair oil

Are you looking for a herbal hair oil that works best for your hair? Well, we know finding the best herbal hair oil for long hair can be a difficult task. But, fret not as we have something for you in the store. *Drumrolls Please.*

3S Herbal Hair Oil – Prevent Hair Fall and For Long, Strong Smooth, Silky Hair

Presenting amongst you one of the best herbal hair oil for smooth, shiny and silky hair. 3S Herbal Hair oil as the name suggests is created to make your hair strong, shiny and smooth. Moreover, herbal hair oil for men and women targets concerns like hair fall, baldness, dryness, frizziness and unmanageable hair. It focuses on bringing back your quality hair in just a few weeks. 

Let’s have a look at some benefits along with the features of herbal hair oil for hair growth. 

  1. Herbal hair oil is packed with ayurvedic ingredients and their benefits.
  2. It prevents hair fall and increases hair growth
  3. The hair growth oil provides strength to your hair and increases blood circulation. 
  4. It provides strong, smooth and silky hair in a short span of time. 
  5. Herbal hair oil tackles scalp infection and promotes shiny and bouncy hair. 

Well, that’s all about our best-seller 3S herbal hair oil for men and women. If you have any queries regarding this product or in general, contact us on this WhatsApp number 9817870058. You can also shop herbal products from 

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