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Piles is such a disease that you must have heard about it somewhere from people or a doctor, it is a serious disease that happens to humans. many people suffer from this problem at any age.

This problem can happen to anyone at any age of life. women often have this problem during pregnancy. There is extreme pain and discomfort in which the veins inside and outside the anus swell.

Piles affect

Due to this, some warts form in the inner or outer part of the anus. in which sometimes blood also comes and pain is also there. It is a fatal disease and it is very important to treat it at the right time.

It is also a genetic disease if one person in the family is there. Then the risk of getting the other also goes much later. so it is not treated at the right time then it takes the form of a fistula. There is a lot of burning and pain in it.

What causes Piles/ Haemorrhoids?

Today’s life of a person has completely changed and their eating habits are also changing with time. They

Eating too much spicy food and oily food is very harmful. Junk food and fast food a person can also become constipated. The defecation will not happen properly and symptoms of piles can

What can be the symptoms of Piles/haemorrhoids?

Constant pain while urinating.
Pain in the anus or rectum while defecating.
Swelling, lump or wart near the anus.
Persistent pain while passing stool.
Blood in urine and poor urine output.
Redness and pain in the area around the anus.
Having more pain and suffering

piles medicine
piles medicine

There are two types of piles-
Internal Haemorrhoids
There is a wart or lump inside the anus. when the patient passes stool, then due to excessive force, this wart peels off. The blood starts flowing in the anus and the patient feels a lot of pain.
External Haemorrhoids
The warts come on the outside of the anus and when the stool is passed out. The warts are rubbed on the outside and the patient feels a lot of pain.

Haemorrhoids treatment or remedies to avoid piles-

Exercise and physical activity should be regular time. Good health is maintained with good exercise.
Nutrition and a balanced diet should be used so that the body can get the necessary nutrients.
Use fresh fruits and vegetables more and more.
Avoid junk food and spicy food.
Do not consume alcohol and tobacco.
Eat fiber food which is rich in protein and vitamins.
Get enough sleep so that the body can get good rest..
Do not ignore piles, whenever you feel that the problem has increased, consult a good doctor.

If your pile’s problem has become more serious and you are not getting the right treatment for it. There is no need to panic or fear. we have a very good Ayurvedic treatment for piles. You can eliminate piles from the root.

Arshfit Ayurvedic Capsule is a very good herbal product. Aman Health Care will eliminate piles from the root. The best thing is that it is completely Ayurvedic and it does not have any side effects. so you can use it without any worry.

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