Swagun Capsules (For Good Health & Energy)


SwaGun Ayurvedic Capsule (For Good Health & Energy) Safe Medicine 100% safe.


SwaGun Ayurvedic Capsule

  • The packageĀ contains: Swagun 100 Capsule in one box.
  • Swagun capsules is a selective combination of herbs & bhasma it is safe Ayurvedic Medicine.
  • Swagun capsules is most useful for Increasing Body power and Energy.
  • TheĀ update gives Good Health & Energy.
  • Swagun improve & maintain Good Health.
  • Swagun Capsules is helpful in fixing the loss of Immunity.
Consumption Method: Take one capsules with hot milk after one hour of breakfast & one Capsules after lunch & one capsules after Dinner . Do it three time in a day and you can consume it for three months for better results. For more information, consult the doctor and contact our contact no. 8607500007


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