Today we will know which are the best exercises by which we can increase our weight and also we will know how we can increase our weight in ayurvedic way, so if you want to increase your weight then this blog is for you. 

We divided in these blog in 3 parts

  • best exercise for increase body weight 
  • Best food for increase body weight
  • how to increase weight in 30 day

Best exercise for increase weight

Exercise is very beneficial for our body and if we want

to increase our weight in a healthy way then you must

do exercise, it keeps our body fit, if we exercise daily then

we stay away from all kinds of diseases.

Best food for increase body weight 

The most important thing to gain weight is food. Eat healthy food to gain weight,

if you want to increase your weight fast, then eat food that contains nutrients

for rapid weight gain, we should consume foods high in nutrients,

proteins and fats. Do not eat fast food because of having more calories,

people start eating fast food to gain weight, which is wrong,

it will increase your weight, but that weight can harm your health a lot,

so we should gain weight naturally

How to increase body weight in 30 days

Many times we have this problem that we eat food but do not digest. This problem happens to many people and they are always upset and they do not understand what to do, so I came up with a solution to this problem. Yes, you can use it. Sava-gun capsule will help you a lot in gaining weight one swa-gun capsule box  will help you in gaining 6-7 kgs within 30 days And it is made of pure herbs, so there is no harm in it and it is a very effective capsule, almost thousands of people have increased their weight by using this capsule, so if you also want to increase your weight, then use Swagun Capsule.

swagun capsule for increase body weight


The best herbal weight gaining capsule

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